Monday, 22 April 2013

Uniforms are ready to go!

For the past few weeks, We have been under a lot of pressure to get the uniforms that we would be wearing for the competition. At first we were going to get polo shirts and get our logo embroidered onto them. however we then decided on getting jumpsuits instead. We thought that they would look more professional and would fit better into the F1 concept, as actual formula one drivers wear these suits. We eventually found a website that had what we were looking for. We decided on getting two red jumpsuits and three navy jumpsuits as they fit into our colour scheme and thought that it would be better then having all one colour. 
Once the uniforms arrived, we contacted a printing and embroidery company to have our names, and sponsors put onto them. The staff in the shop worked very hard to get what we needed done as they agreed to do them under short notice.
We were really happy with how they turned out in the end. Our names and team name were embroidered onto the front on one side, with our principal sponsor, Itb, on the other side. Printed onto the back, it our team position( job) and also our website, for promotion.

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