Monday, 22 April 2013

Finals are just around the corner!

As the finals in Griffith College grow ever closer, the race is on to have everything from our actual car design right down to our portfolio and display stand ready to go. 
We are finishing making any changes to our computer-aided designs of the car and putting it through the virtual air tunnels for the final time. We have tweaked any parts of the design that need adjustment and have finalized any measurements.  We changed our wheel design for the national finals- the bearings recently arrived and we are now looking to assemble our new wheels.
Also we are having the car remade by the Institute of Technology, Cork, and are due to have it painted and sanded by Colour Care crash repair any day now!
Although there is a lot to be done before the national finals in Griffith College next week, we are looking forward to the event and can't wait to get an opportunity to race our newly adjusted car!

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