Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Our Sponsors ITB

This week we are delighted to announce that the main sponsor for Rapido y Furioso will be The Institute of Technology  Blanchardstown (ITB). On Monday we received confirmation from them that they would be happy to get on board with our team. As part of our deal we will be working closely with them to promote the F1 in Schools Challenge in schools in the Dublin 15 area. ITB will be have there own competition which will take place on the 14th May 2013, which we will also be helping them to promote. 

The money ITB have given you will  be used to fund various parts of our project including;
  1. Our uniform
  2. Printed Media
  3. The painting of our car
Team Rapido y Furioso are extatic about working with such a major Institute in Ireland. We look forward to the up and coming weeks! :)

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